Veena Malik – Asad Khattak Reconciliation Efforts

Stepping up efforts for reconciliation with Veena Malik, her husband Asad Bashir Khattak, reached Jamia Binoria Karachi on Thursday to meet prominent religious scholar Mufti Naeem 

The development came five days after a family court granted them divorce, ending their three-year marriage.

The court in Lahore accepted Veena’s ‘khula’ (divorce) application and ruled in her favour after non-pursuance of the case by Khattak.

The break-up occurred since the couple had developed some differences and could not live together. According to media reports, Veena Malik had complaints of being roughly treated by her husband.  However, Mufti Naeem of has offered his mediation in this matter in order to amicably resolve this issue.

Mufti Naeem said that he has requested both Veena and Asad to meet him so that he can listen to them and resolve their differences.

He said prominent religious scholar Tariq Jameel is also playing his role in the reconciliation.

It remains to be seen if Mufti Naeem is able to solve their differences, Asad Khattak seems to be optimistic while Veena still insists on separation.